You Don’t Need Strength, Size or Experience To Become The Most Dangerous Person In The Room

Learn The Underground Self-Defense Skills From The CIA and FBI’s Secret Weapon That Is Transforming Regular Guys Into Confident Protectors

Tonight, in cities and towns like yours, thousands of men and women will drop to their knees from an assault they didn’t see coming.

In the next hour, 92 victims will drop to the ground in the United States alone.

By this time tomorrow, 37 people will have been held at knifepoint in the United Kingdom.
Of these reported crimes, 44 will end in homicide.

These were the men who took the same route to work as you.

Who had the same dreams of being fathers and grandfathers.

Who would do anything to wake up for just one more day of their once mundane life.

But untouched by this statistic are the men who are sitting confidently in the darkest corners of the world, not because they’re the ones holding the knife…

But because they possess something more deadly…

And this is what will separate those who continue reading…

From those who will carry on hoping their luck, charm, or muscle strength will keep them alive from the force of a knife or the craziness of the world.

I want to introduce to the program that just might save your life (or the lives of your daughter and wife.)

Russell Stutely has been the back door secret weapon for some of the people you’re lucky not to know.

From security in Cyprus… 

To showing thousands of police officers every year how to disarm and take down cocaine and heroin induced attacks.

He’s been on call for top level Military clearance…and he’s been called on by the Russian Mafia on many occasions to release his secrets.

After going toe-to-toe with Boxing heavyweights, Russell proves first-hand that the victory doesn’t always go to the bigger, stronger guys with something to prove.

And even though these secrets have been locked behind $20,000 price tags in the past…

He’s now taken the chains off these secrets.

When you sign up for a trial of the Academy today, you’re going to acquire skills you’ve only dreamed of. And, more importantly, you’ll have the complete confidence to disarm and disable any man, any time, anywhere in the world.

No matter if you’ve trained self defense in the past or not.

This method of fighting is something you won’t see in a “typical” martial arts gym or self-defense class.

It’s “illegal” in most fighting rings. And it won’t win you “points” in a boxing match

Why is that?

Because there are no rules in a street fight.

The only victory when you have a knife pressed against your kidney is another day to live.

See…Martial Arts teaches you how to hit, but not WHERE to hit.

It teaches you self discipline, but not self awareness.

And the worst part is that most of these martial arts teachers have never had to escape from a street fight, and have never had to risk their lives to procure this information for you.

Which means the way you’ve been taught how to protect yourself, if you’ve been taught how to protect yourself, needs to be modified for the streets.

Which is why Russell is going to show you the “Achilles heel of the human body”.

He’s going to walk you through your attackers most vulnerable spots to exploit when your life is on the line.

You’re going to learn the practical, and easily-recalled moves that can allow even the smallest 70 year old woman to take down a linebacker in a parking garage….

Even if you’ve spent your whole life learning different forms of Martial Arts.

And that’s why we’ve opened the doors…
Because let’s face it.
Safety is no longer a luxury:

It’s become a necessity!

And that’s why… If You Don’t Know To Disarm And Knock Out An Attacker In Under 3 Seconds….

It Could Cost You Your Life.

That's Why We're On A Mission To Make 1,000,000 Assassins...

Protectors Of The Streets With This Training Before Russell Quits Teaching

When you join us in the Academy today, we will show you:

And by the time you make your way through the Academy, you’ll see that these secrets will give you a powerful new way of moving through the world…


Because you will never walk in fear of others again.

Let me tell you a story from my student Chris…

They laughed at me when I said I took a man out with a single slap.
But when I was called into the courtroom, the CCTV tape confirmed what I already knew to be true…
But that my attacker (and accuser) didn’t have any recollection of.
The slow motion recap of the parking lot footage showed him coming up from behind me and grabbing my children’s unwrapped Christmas presents at 3:31 PM.
At 3:32 PM the tapes vindicate me, proving to the courts that this was a “slap” of self-defense.
But the 8 missing teeth, the broken jaw, and the temporary amnesia from a silly little slap were the reason I was being sued for Battery.
Instead of losing hundreds of dollars and time buying new Christmas presents.
Or worse, losing their father to the desperation of this unknown parking lot attacker.
I left the parking lot, and the courtroom with nothing more than a good story to tell.

Imagine holding that power.

It’s not even fair for your attacker once you learn what’s in Phase 2 of the Assassin Academy.

It’s almost like having Hulk Hands whenever you need them, without having to hit the gym.

It’s almost like having Mind Powers the way you can manipulate their body and disable their muscle movement without exuding much effort.

It shouldn’t even be legal for me to teach my methods to civilians because I’m weaponizing the men who join the Academy, with the REQUIREMENT that they use it for good.

But this is what the world requires.

The dark street corners armed with more good guys who have specialized hand skills, rather than guns and knives.

Being “strong”, “tough” or “experienced” becomes irrelevant when you have this toolkit.

With this training, you can be socially awkward and lack general awareness and still come out on top…

Need More Proof This Will Work For You?

I have fought the former World Heavyweight Champion, Anthony Joshua. I have been a Pro Boxer for many years. And I have sparred hundreds of rounds with Russell. His self-defense techniques and ability is TRULY SCARY!
Paul Butlin
Area Heavyweight Champ
This has at least doubled the effectiveness and power of EVERYTHING I do. As a practising Emergency Physician and Instructor in the Management of trauma, I can attest to the DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES of these techniques to the body of any would be assailant.
Dr Eddie Emmannuel
OCFM National Coach

You’ll also see that the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship, and a UFC Hall of Famer BJ Penn got knocked to the ground by an overweight Hawaiian man in a street fight.

Because as we mentioned, street fights have a different code.

And you’re moments away from unlocking the same set of skills that I’ve taught men with the highest security clearance who require them to neutralize organized crime, drug lords, serial murderers and terrorists.

Skills like…

Join the only Online Academy designed to turn you in a walking weapon…

Introducing, The Assassin Academy:

In stage one you will embody “Calm Confidence” as you learn how to handle yourself against the Top 10 Attacks that are most likely to happen to you…

  • Spot a dangerous situation in advance to avoid an attack
  • Neutralize the attacker before it escalates into a real threat
  • Learn how to never get hit in the face
  • Get control of any fight that ends up on the ground before you get pinned, punched, and pickpocketed
  • Equip yourself with easy go-to takedowns you can always land to end a fight and walk away
  • Increase your speed and agility
  • Walk around with the confidence to know how to handle any attack without getting hurt

Value: $1997

In stage two you’ll amplify your effectiveness by learning how to diffuse higher levels of danger while increasing the detrimental force of your defense.

  • Double Your Power in under an hour – GUARANTEED
  • Possess the same abilities as Chris and the silly little slap that made his attacker require jaw surgery
  • Unlock the “Sweeping Defense” move that the Police force banned from my training program 
  • Learn how I delivered this *common attack* to create temporary amnesia on a drunk asshole in a bar 
  • Know exactly what to do in a situation where the attacker pulls a knife, gun or broken bottle on you
  • And understand the mechanics of handling a weapon should you find yourself in this scenario so you don’t get it taken and used against you
  • Learn more easily-recalled street takedowns that fold up your opponent like a beach chair
  • Walk with your head high knowing it would be suicidal for someone to think about fucking with you

Value: $1997

In stage three we graduate from the “defend and retreat” perspective of self-defense to the Dark Arts that will begin transforming you into a weapon.

  • The Lost Chinese Art of “1-Touch Take Downs”
  • Behind the scenes Security Trick to politely get people to cooperate while maintaining absolute control to take them out in 1 – 3 seconds
  • Learn the #1 Go-To Take Down that my Police and Security students prefer to create compliance or concussions … your choice.
  • Advance your take downs to ensure maximum pain and horrible head trauma
  • Leverage body mechanics and “Tendon Strain” to turn your attacker into a puppet
  • Learn the vicious maneuvers to stack on that will snap their bones if you need to neutralize a real threat
  • Confidently handle multiple attackers at once
  • Feel like a weapon and have “Calm Confidence” in any corner of the world

Value: $1997

In stage four we will sculpt you into a true “Assassin” by showing you the most dangerous, borderline illegal moves that can end your attackers life.

By knowing how capable and powerful you are, and how fragile and vulnerable the human body is, you can ensure you don’t accidentally murder someone while defending yourself.

  • True “Black Magic” Secrets that have only been taught to the highest levels of national security
  • Bone Breakers to immediately disable their ability to punch, stab, shoot, or run away before the cops get there 
  • KOs and Kills (for life threatening scenarios) to end their existence in under 20 seconds
  • “Compound Maximization” to double the devastating damage left on your attacker
  • Learn the *Simple Soft Spots* that will cause them to drop, and even collapse their lung and leave them gasping to carry on 
  • 9 unique techniques to destroy their limbs
  • 11 unique methods that can kill your attacker 
  • Become a True Assassin (by joining this Academy, you agree to only use this power for good)

Value: $1997

Feel confident in any scenario, in any corner of the world, knowing you can handle any unlucky attacker that thinks to lay a hand on you.

  • No need to have muscle or sizable strength
  • No need to have years of experience in karate, BJJ or Krav Maga
  • No need to prove yourself

Just the sweet satisfaction of knowing how to destroy anyone in under 3 seconds, putting the control back in your hands to decide whether you walk away or take away their ability to do it again.

Knowledge is power.

… and applied knowledge can be lethal.

Make sure you’re the one who holds the cards.

Join The Assassin Academy Today and Become...

Become absolutely "Unfuckwithable"

These skills have been sold for $400, $1500, upwards of $20,000 to come learn from me.

But because this crazy world needs more foot soldiers with the skills to protect against the meth heads and murderers,

I’ve opened this up to the public at only $99/month.

When you enroll TODAY!

You’ll get:

  • Exclusive Access in The Assassin Academy (all 4 phases… BUT you MUST prove yourself and graduate each phase to move on)

  • Monthly Follow-Along Video Trainings (designed for men of any age or fitness level to sculpt them into a weapon)

  • New Self-Defense Moves Unlocked Every Month – (practical, easily-recalled moves you can practice from home that will give you the ability to deal with any situation quickly and effectively)

  • Access to Russell LIVE on Monthly Q&A’s –
    THIS IS THE MOST ACCESS TO RUSSELL THAT’S EVER BEEN AVAILABLE SINCE HIS $20,000 WORKSHOPS (last Sunday of every month at least 6 times a year, ask him anything)

  • The Assassin’s Den – join your fellow foot soldiers in our private group where you can post progress, ask questions, and get personal coaching and feedback from Russell Stutely himself every day of the week.


  • The Assassin Networka private map of your fellow Assassin’s so you can find a training partner near you who is going through the same secret skillsets

Begin Learning The Underground Techniques To Weaponize Your Body And Become a Dangerous Victim

Only $99.00 $67.00 $37.00
$1.00 Trial

P.S. If you skimmed to the bottom, here’s the deal. I’ve stopped doing courses and DVDs that offer limited value and zero support. This is the only online academy you’ll ever need to transform your body into a dangerous “Assassin” over the next 12 months no matter your age, weight, strength or experience. What I’m going to teach you inside the Academy has been taught to Police, Security, FBI and CIA to neutralize, defeat, and cause devastating damage to the most dangerous men on the planet. You’ll certainly feel calm confidence in any corner of the world knowing you’re the most dangerous one in the room.

P.P.S. By joining the Assassin Academy you are agreeing to be liable for your actions. You agree that you are above the age of 18, and that you have never been convicted of a felony