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Prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Most importantly, as we increase your aerobic threshold, your power, and your reaction time, what we really need to start with is the “Attitude of an Assassin”.

Please don’t mistake Phase One “Identity Training” as basics that you already know.

If you have a “better than” attitude, you won’t go far in this program… but I PROMISE you by the end of the curriculum you will learn new skills, have much more confidence in defending yourself and your family, and your discipline and focus will surely benefit all other areas of life.


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Make sure you check your email everyday to access the links and coaching notes that will set you up for success.

This will be crucial.

And lastly, go to the Facebook group and introduce yourself to your fellow foot soldiers.

They are your new workout partners and accountability system.

Make your commitment and allow them to support you through this journey.