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While I hate being on Facebook, it’s a great place for us to build our community, deliver content, share our progress, and keep each other accountable.

This is where I’ll be posting videos for you, it’s where you can ask questions, where you can get feedback, and where we will support each other’s journey.

Over the years I’ve found myself and other online trainers just sell a program and drop communication, leaving it up to the customer to *hopefully* use it and get results.

Most training programs lack support, coaching, motivation and accountability.

Joining the Assassin’s Den will provide you with all the support that you need from me and all the other Assassin Students.

how to join the assassins den

1 Click The Button below to open the private group (opens in a new tab)

2 Click the join group button at facebook to request access

3 Answer the questions in the popup so our team can verify you're a student of ours

4 Come back here and click COMPLETE to go to the last step!